Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Review for 'THE PALE DREAMER' by Samantha Shannon

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The Pale Dreamer by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This prequel novella was a fantastic addition to The Bone Season series and to Paige Mahoney’s story. The Pale Dreamer is an origin story of how the protagonist, Paige, became the infamous Pale Dreamer, and an official member of The Seven Seals. In this novella, sixteen-year-old Paige has newly joined the criminal underworld of Scion London, under the tutelage of Jaxon Hall, the mime-lord of The Seven Seals. After doing simple and boring tasks, she is finally given a mission to prove herself to Jaxon that she can be a valuable addition to his group.

It was great seeing how young Paige first started out with Jaxon’s group, and how her relationship with Eliza, Nick and Jaxon had progressed. In this novella she doesn’t know the full potential of her clairvoyant gift, but she has the fire of the Paige we all know and love from the previous books. Seeing Scion London’s criminal world through her younger eyes and meeting characters that will play crucial roles in the later books was enlightening, especially because we see her and their first impressions with each other. But the best part is obviously when and how her gift is revealed, and thus earning Paige her name and official status within The Seven Seals.

I loved every moment of this novella. I tried to savour it as much as I could, even though it was less than 100 pages - It was not an easy task trying to drag this one out. Even with it being so short, I enjoyed reading it just as much as I had enjoyed reading The Bone Season and The Mime Order. It was still true to the essence of Paige’s story and this wonderful series.

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- THE PALE DREAMER by Samantha Shannon

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Mark The Page Box | Unboxing |

Mark the Page February Box Unboxing!

Fairytale Retellings

This is my first Mark the Page box I have ever purchased and it was amazing! Watch the video to see what I received inside the February box. Enjoy the video!

** I realized after posting this that at one point I said 'Feyre' instead of 'Celaena'. But I think you know what character I had meant to say.
** Also, Flickering Books is based in New Zealand, not Australia. Again, my bad :S

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- VALENTINE by Stephanie Garber
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My (very late) November Fairyloot box | Unboxing |

FairyLoot November Box Unboxing!

Royals and Rouges

I just want to quickly say that I am sorry I haven’t posted much on my channel in the last few months. Life and work have been pretty hectic - especially during the Christmas season. But finally I have finished editing this unboxing video and I hope you enjoy it!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My 10 Most Anticipated New Releases of 2017

There are a lot of new releases coming in 2017, by both known and debut authors. This list is just a few of the books that I am mostly excited about for this year. I’ve previously done a post on ‘My 10 Most Anticipated Continuations of 2017’, which contains all the new installments to series that are continuing or are ending in 2017 - so go check that post!

I am sure there will be more books coming out during the year that aren’t on this list that I’ll be excited about, but as of right now these are the ones I’m currently anticipating.

Image result for strange the dreamer
·         Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor   3/17
This peaks my interest! I’ve never read anything by Laini Taylor, but I do own all of her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. Hopefully 2017 is the year where I finally read something by this author.

·         Warcross by Marie Lu   10/17
This sounds like such a cool concept! An online game, bounty hunting and tournaments! Sounds very anime inspired… I’m down for it!

 Image result for frostblood elly blake
·         Frostblood by Elly Blake   1/17
I’m probably biased with this one as I’ve already read it, but it was initially on my most anticipated reads list for 2017 before I had read it - and it sure did not disappoint!

Image result for empress of a thousand skies rhoda belleza 
·         Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza   2/17
The summary for this one is marginally vague but I’m intrigued. And it’s sci-fi, which I really want to read more of.

Image result for roar by cora carmack 
·         Roar by Cora Carmack   6/17
This one I have had my eye on since I first saw its cover months ago and it sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I simply just need it!

Image result for the valiant by lesley livingston 
·         The Valiant by Lesley Livingston   2/17
A female protagonist who is the daughter to a Celtic king, a school training females to become gladiators, and a historical figure thrown into the mix? I’m sold!

Image result for the freemasons daughter 
·         The Freemason’s Daughter by Shelley Sackier   4/17
This one is being marketed as ‘Outlander for young adults’. I’m not too sure about the ‘Outlander’ comparison but the summary does sound good.

·         *Untitled by Sara Raasch (Stream Raiders #1)   Late 2017
I have yet to read Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch, but I do love the first two books in that series. I don’t think I have read a book yet that is set during the time of the Spanish inquisition. I do like history and would like to read more books set in the past. But honesty, what really piqued my interest for this one was that it sounds like an epic pirate adventure.

Image result for royal bastards by andrew shvarts 
·         Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts   6/17
This is another new release that I had stumbled upon recently. The synopsis for this one sound so good! A gang of royals and bastards thrown together after being  witness to something they weren’t meant to see and having to runaway to save their lives. OH, YES PLEASE!

Image result for the alchemists of loom 
·         The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova   1/17
Another author I have not yet read anything by but hope to one day. This book sounds like a fantastical fantasy, with a dash of steampunk tossed in. I can’t resist, just look at that cover!

I may not get around to reading ALL of these when they are released or even in 2017, but one can still hope.

Is there any books that are or aren’t on this list that you’re also excited for?

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Review for 'FROSTBLOOD' by Elly Blake

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Frostblood by Elly Blake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This debut novel by Elly Blake is about a girl born a Fireblood; her people are gifted with the magic to manipulate fire. In her world fire and ice are mortal enemies, and with the lands ruled by the Frostbloods, people like her are hunted for they are seen as dangerous. That’s the only insight I’m going to give for this story. But believe me, there is a lot packed inside this first book.

The magic race division in this story was a strong force throughout this book. And the history of how this world and the feud between the two races began was quite imaginative. I felt the hatred and prejudice people had towards our main character, Ruby, because of her Fireblood heritage. The fear and cruelty of this part of the world was apparent, and the longer time had passed that fear and cruelty turned more brutal. Even the mythology of the gods and their history was bitter and twisted.

Of course, no story about a world divided by an epic feud would be complete without a fated love story thrown in. And when the hesitant hero, Arcus, walks on to the page he’s not quite what I had imagined. He was mean, pig-headed, secretive and judgmental. Ruby and Arcus instantly despise each other, but eventually learn to tolerate one another’s presence. This made for some hilarious moments during their interactions. It also made for some sweet moments when they got to know each other better. Once everything about each other’s history and their feelings for one another where laid out there, I completely fell in love with these two. The slow burn of their relationship was a refreshing break from all the ‘instalove’ I usually see in young adult books as of late.

Ruby, our female protagonist, developed so much throughout this first book. When we first see her she is determined and curious to learn more about her Fireblood abilities, but then her life gets flipped upside down and she realizes she should have heeded her mother’s warnings and the true danger her uncontrolled magic can do. She learns the hard way and is forged into her fire, coming out as this powerful determined woman. Viewing everything from her perspective and not knowing who she could trust really put me on edge while reading, causing me to have doubts and be suspicious about certain characters. I really admired Ruby’s strength, both mentally and physically. She didn’t give up, even during the times when she felt like she should, she never did.

Arcus was a wild card to me, I didn’t know if he was trustworthy. But as more of his personality developed and he warmed up more to Ruby, I saw how caring and protective he was. Even if he was a bit stand-offish and didn’t know how to show it, it was still there, underlying everything. He knew how to challenge Ruby enough to get her to focus on how to control her fire magic. It became a relationship of mutuality for both of them, as she was the spark he needed to melt his fears and learn to live again.

One of the best things I loved throughout Frostblood was the well-paced action. And when I say there was action, I mean of the brutal kind with blood, broken bones and graphic details. It’s probably horrible of me to state, but I loved it! It gave me strong Throne of Glass and Hunger Games vibes. The action was the metaphorical ‘cherry on top’ for me!

I think this Frostblood series could be a serious candidate in the new books being added to the young adult fantasy genre. I can’t wait to see what else Elly has installed for us after reading this captivating first installment. It gets five stars from me! Come on Elly Blake, what else do you have up your sleeve?

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Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
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Book Format: physical copy

- FROSTBLOOD by Elly Blake